Protocol for Matron’s daily rounds of Children’s Ward

Cleaning and dusting were part of the nurses’ daily chores in her care of her young charges. All cots and 4 posters were to be in alignment in the ward. Nets folded neatly and uniformly.

Lockers cleared of ‘kid’s stuff’ and remembering hospitalisation was lengthy and kids notoriously like collecting ‘junk’!!!

Quilts and sheets were mitred and the children all quietly in bed. Matron Wilcox would be accompanied by the Charge Nurse and the student nurse rostered to Peters Ward or Babies Ward.

The Matron being of short stature would stand on a chair and run her fingers along the privacy screen track in search of dust particles!!!! There was many a mischievous long term patient who would delight seeing ‘their nurse’ the target of the Matron’s wrath!!!

– Steph Shannon recalling student nurse days 1950s
Matron Wilcox
Matron A E Wilcox