Millennium Quilts

Do you know someone who was born at the Ipswich Hospital’s Maternity Unit in the year 2000?

This year, 2021, these babies turn 21 years old – so Happy 21st Birthday Ipswich Hospital Millennial Babies!

To commemorate the babies born in the first year of the 2nd millennium at the Ipswich Hospital, the staff of Maternity decided to make quilts with all the babies’ names, their date and time of birth and their weight.

There are 16 quilts in total – one for each month and March, May and August have two quilts.

The quilts were embroidered by hand by the maternity staff on pieces of fabric before being sewn into a quilt.

The names are in order of the date of birth. The quilts are embellished with cross-stitch, applique and sometimes photographs of staff.

The quilts have been hung on Level 6 of the Ipswich Hospital in the corridor outside the Outpatients Department.

If you would like to view the quilts, you can enter through the Chelmsford Road entrance to the hospital and follow the signs to Outpatients.

January 2000 babies
February 2000 babies
March 2000 babies
March 2000 babies
April 2000 babies
May 2000 babies
May 2000 babies
June 2000 babies
July 2000 babies
August 2000 babies
August 2000 babies
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