Just a minute in 1865: Suffer the Little Children

Just a minute in 1865:  Suffer the Little Children

17th August:          … in reply to an application of the 3rd Inst. for the admission of 3 children into the Asylum for the Destitute Stating that such application could not be entertained on account of the Asylum being full.  In consequence … Three Shillings per week be paid by this Hospital to supply food to the Widow Burton and her three children.

21st September:  A letter … from the Col. Sec. Office having reference to Destitute Children.  Resolved that such Children, in consequence, be paid for maintenance out of the funds of the Hospital. Also that the secretary pay to Sarah Cralich [partly indecipherable name] one Pound, from “Petty Cash” for the care of a child of a woman sent to the Lunatic Asylum.

16th November:  Rev. Moseley made an application for the sum of £1.0.0 for the maintenance of two children, out of the Hospital, the Mother being a patient ill with fever – Also, for the sum of two shillings and six pence for the support of an infant in the Hospital.  These two sums to be paid weekly. … granted…

24th November:  … the Matron to pay the sum of ten shillings per week each towards the support of two children … belonging to Mrs Bruish & Mrs Stapleton respectively.  That Ann Kenrick be paid the sum of ten shillings weekly for the care of Clough’s child.

21st December:    … the payment for the funeral of Clough’s Child to be reserved until the next meeting.

28th December:   The House Surgeon reported that he had advanced the sum of £1..0.0 to Mrs Mc Henry, who being deserted by her husband, was left destitute with seven children, the eldest of whom was only 13 years of age.  Resolved that Ten Shillings in addition to the above sum of £1.0.0 be allowed to Mrs Mc Henry, until next Thursday.

12th January:        Mrs Mc Henry appeared before the Committee with the two children proposed to go into the Orphan Asylum at Brisbane. … two Boys aged 9 & 10 years respectively.

25th January:        …” the Secretary write to the Orphanage at Brisbane respecting the admission of a child- Peter Mays aged six months into that Institution.”

1st February:         …” Stapleton’s child be allowed to remain in the Hospital pending arrangements for its being placed out.”

8th February:        …” sending two of Mrs Mc Henry’s children to the Industrial School at Brisbane & also the child Peter Mays into the Orphan Asylum, letters having been received from the Matron of the Asylum & the Hon. Colonial Secretary stating that the former would be admitted on payment of 5/- per week each, and the latter free.

…” Mrs Moore be paid £1. Per week for the care of the Stapleton’s two children.”…