Ipswich Hospital Museum is located on the ground floor of the renovated Jubilee building, on the grounds of Ipswich Hospital (adjacent to Court St). The museum is open every Wednesday from 9:00am – 12noon. Other times are available for groups by appointment.  FREE entry, all welcome! A new exhibition is now open:  Infections, Epidemics & Fevers of Ipswich – Pestilence, plagues, poultices, poxes, pustules and pyrexias.

  • Listen to past nurses recount their memories of working at Ipswich Hospital.
  • View medical and nursing objects dating from the early 1900s onwards.
  • Find out who Ipswich’s David Trumpy Bridge is named in honour of.
  • Discover the extraordinary efforts of the people of Ipswich in establishing and supporting Ipswich Hospital.
  • See the changing nature of Ipswich Hospital’s buildings through the decades.

For more information, or to arrange a group visit, please email info@ipswichhospitalmuseum.com, or phone (07) 3810 1254.